With her debut solo album, the EP "Lila" (2015), the singer has been nominated for “Prêmio Multishow”, the biggest Music Awards in Brazil, as "Best New Artist" and was picked as one of Spotify’s bets for 2016. The song “Aparição”, topped the streaming charts for days after the launch, and was picked by “Mais um Discos” to be feature in the compilation “Real Rio”.

The EP, produced by Lucas Vasconcellos and hip-hop producer Iky Castilho, was recorded on a beach house in Rio, with new songs by Domênico Lancelotti and Alberto Continentino, and others coauthored by Lila.

Lila was born in the middle of the Amazon forest under a new moon. She grew up in the midst of her parents' record collection, and soon discovered her passion for music, recording her first song at the tender age of seven.

Since then, she played percussion in many carnival ensembles, joined vocal groups, played with some of her Bossa Nova heroes and recorded many CDs for the Japanese market under her given name of Eliza Lacerda.

A carnival lover, Lila was elected the street carnival Muse by Rio’s biggest newspaper, and as a side project, is the singer of one of Rio’s most popular street carnival ensembles.

This September, Lila was one of the 5 acts of Coala festival, a festival in São Paulo for 10 thousand people, which bridges Brazilian indie and mainstream.

Lila’s show brings the sound ambience and feel of the EP with a band of multi instrumentalists, with a set list composed of new compositions from the singer and cover versions that showcase her rich musical influence.